We are a small church. This is due in part by design. We believe that the biblical instructions for
church life requires a level of caring in relationships which is difficult to achieve in large

We believe that when churches grow large, they would do better to multiply by planting new healthy
churches in the community rather than to grow into an impersonal Sunday mob. Some large
churches implement various forms of small-group meetings in order to deal with this issue.
However, it is very difficult to accomplish the fullness of church life within these groups.
Should the small group model succeed in this goal, it will ultimately function almost as an
independent church.

Many of the churches which are spoken of in the New Testament met in houses such as the one
at Philemon’s house (Phi 1:2), Priscilla and Aquillia’s house (1 Cor 16:19, Rom 16:5), and
Nympha’s house (Col 4:16). This is helpful to us in understanding that small gatherings were
likely the norm in the first century church. 

It is our desire to uphold the biblical pattern for church life and we believe this can be done most
effectively within the small church context.