Our name captures the essence of who we are in two ways. There is a Godfocused
theological way of thinking about the word “heritage” and there is a
people-focused historical way of thinking about the word “heritage”. Our
name hopes to capture both of those ideas because, as a Christian people,
we truly are a product of a theological heritage and of a historical heritage.
Our theological heritage is defined in many places in the bible, but there is
one verse in particular which captures what it means to inherit a great
promise from God.

Listen, my beloved brethren: Has God not chosen the poor of this world
to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those
who love Him? – James 2:5

This heritage is a rich promise of being heirs of the kingdom of God through
Jesus Christ. This heritage is not granted to us because we are born rich and
deserving of it, but rather it is granted to us in spite of being born poor and
wretched sinners. This heritage is granted to us because God has chosen us
to walk by faith in Jesus Christ. Being adopted as children of God, we receive
the benefits of adoption, being declared heirs of the kingdom of God the

Our historical heritage is seen in the people and institutions which God has
used to declare His awesome works to us. We have received an inheritance
of life-giving truth from those who have handed it down to us. Each Christian
has a rich history of those who have personally declared the good news of
Jesus Christ to them. Each Christian also has a rich history of faithful
believers throughout the centuries who have labored to transmit their faith
to the next generation. We stand today as recipients of the fruits of the faith
of many who have gone before us.