Our church is gospel centered in its approach to the Christian life.
The word “gospel” means “good news”. In order to properly appreciate the good news, we first
need to understand the bad news. The bad news is that God is good, God is holy, and God is just.
We, however, are not (Rom 3:23).  Because of the offense (sin) of all mankind against this good,
holy, and just God, we are all rightly judged as guilty and condemned to death – a separation
from God through eternal suffering and punishment in hell (Rom 6:23).  That’s seriously bad

The good news begins with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus demonstrated the Father’s love
by offering His own life on the cross as the substitutionary payment for our debt of sin (John
3:16). Jesus died so that we would not have to!

The good news gets better. While we cannot possibly earn (or even keep) this great salvation, we
don’t need to. It is entirely a gift of grace (Eph 2:8-9).  As a gift, it is unearned and undeserved,
yet freely given to all those who will believe upon His name; to those who receive Him as savior
and Lord; to those who truly believing, turn in repentance from sin and turn instead to God in faith (John 1:12). 

It is only through this faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrificial death in
our place that the perfect righteousness of Christ can be applied to our account (Rom 5:12-19),
and we can receive God’s gift of eternal life instead of the death we deserve. This is the central
focus of the good news of the gospel.

Furthermore, this glorious gospel that tells of our salvation from the wrath of God and an eternal
death, of our future resurrection from the grave with a glorified sinless body on that great day of
Christ’s imminent return, and of our eternal life thereafter with God in glory, also tells us of the
present work that the Holy Spirit will do in us even now. Christ’s resurrection brings to us
freedom from the bondage of sin and the tyranny of Satan, into the hope and power for changed
lives with healed and forgiven hearts, restored relationships, and the security and purpose we
have all been looking for. This Gospel is also the motivation and hope we have for living
righteous and victorious lives even now as we wait for His return.

It is for these reasons that we
continue to teach, preach, and to celebrate the glorious gospel of grace, presenting Jesus Christ’s
victory and our new life and future in Him as the centerpiece and focus of all we hope for and