We believe that scripture shows, both by teaching and by example, that the church benefits from
the interaction of all members regardless of age, gifting, or station in life (1 Cor 12:12-26).
Thus, we intentionally seek to integrate everyone into the regular services and activities of the

We also believe that the bible instructs parents to be the primary teachers of their own children
(Deut 6:6-9, Eph 6:4). To encourage this, we strive to promote family unity. Also, we believe
that children mature more quickly in the faith when they are immersed in the fullness of the life
and example of all those in the church, and that it is profitable to everyone when older members
of the church are given the opportunity to invest in the discipleship and encouragement of the
young who are worshiping together with them.

The bible does not present a model for church life which involves segregating the church body
by any categories such as gender, age, or musical preference. In fact, whenever there are
attempts at segregation in scripture, it is viewed as error (Matt 19:13-15, Gal 3:28). Instead, we
see the pattern where all are present in the ordinary events in the ministry of Jesus and in the life
of the church (Matt 14:13-21, Acts 16:31-34).

It may be helpful, at times, to have special events which are targeted at certain groups within the
church, but the systematic and perpetual segregation of the church, and especially of families, is
a practice which is not found in a positive light in scripture, but rather, it is both seen and proven
to be contrary to biblical teaching, and even harmful to individual members of the church, to
families, and to the church body as a whole.